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One of the best hotels in Da Nang refines our sense of luxury!

For some travellers, hotels are a crucial part of their vacations. For others, they are just a place to spend their night. There are some hotels, however, which get both those traveller types excited. And, such hotel happens to be Altara Suites in Da Nang. Is it its attention in the detail? Or, something else? No matter what it is, Altara Suites has become a sensation in Da Nang that every visitor has to experience.

They say, “first impressions last forever”, and Altara Suites has taken this quote to heart, converting the most boring part of vacations, check-in, into a breathtaking experience to remember. A welcoming smile, panoramic views of Da Nang and a welcome drink await you at the hotel’s reception on the 33rd floor. It’s maybe the only hotel in the world where you wish your check-in lasted longer.

But wait, it gets better. The lobby is not the only place where you can admire stunning views.

The Suites | Luxury at its finest

Altara Suites is the proof that you don’t have to pay tons of money to experience luxury. All 5 types of suites are astonishing, with modern design and amenities that can easily spoil you. Either you are a family with kids or a couple on your honeymoon, you will surely find the perfect room for you.

The best room feature is, by far, the floor-to-ceiling windows, offering ample sunlight into the room, as well as spectacular views of Da Nang. But, depending on the room that you choose, you will enjoy a different view of Da Nang.

Peace & Serenity Suites overlook the city of Da Nang, Bliss Suite overlooks the mountains beyond, Harmony Suite overlooks both the city and the mountains, while Zen Suite offers amazing views towards the ocean. It’s only up to someone’s preferences!

The Facilities | 5 reasons to stay in the hotel

Altara Suites has included a series of premium facilities and services within the hotel grounds, offering another layer of convenience to your stay. All facilities share a common characteristic that they feature the same, exceptional views of Da Nang.

Breakfast overlooking Da Nang

Breakfast becomes the most anticipated meal of the day when visiting Altara Suites. The rich buffet breakfast served at Altitude Restaurant includes delicious Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese delicacies, alongside various western options.

A Relaxing Sauna Session gazing onto the vibrant city

Vacations can be overwhelming sometimes, especially in Da Nang. After a day of exploration, there is not a better place to relax and unwind than the steam and sauna rooms. Gazing over the city of Da Nang, you will feel the peace of mind that you seek.

A fully equipped gym to continue your working-out routine

Vacations are not an excuse to skip your working-out routine, so Altara Suites included a fully equipped gym in its facilities to allow you to do so. The gym is modern, equipped with state-of-the-art cardio and weight-training machinery. With such views, treadmill had never been so exciting.

A Rooftop Infinity Pool to relax while enjoying your cocktail

This is a genuine reason to never leave the hotel. Located on the top floor, the infinity pool of Altara Suites will become your favourite place to bask on the city views. Relax at the super luxurious and comfy sunbeds, and dive at the refreshing waters of the pools. The lounge pool will make sure that you have your favourite cocktail in-hand.

In-Room Dining for a delicious dinner at the privacy of your own room

You can’t stay at Altara Suites, and not try its in-room dining menu. After all, it’s one of the richest in-room dining menus in Da Nang. The menu includes an abundance of dishes, from fast food to healthy options and 5 main Asian dishes. As in-room dining is available from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, you will find particularly interesting the drinks menu that includes from coffee to smoothies, and mocktails.

The Cherry to the pie | A brilliant location 5’ from My Khe Beach

Last but not least, Altara Suites is ideally located, 5’ minutes’ walk from one of the most popular beaches in Vietnam, My Khe Beach. Although it’s not very close to the city life, you can easily access it either on foot or by transportation. There are also various restaurants nearby. So, what holds you back? Book now at Altara Suites and enjoy the experience by yourself!

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