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The organizers of Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF 2019) have officially announced that the teams from the United Kingdom and Finland will have the honor of competing for the title of champions on July 6, 2019.

Competing over four nights through the month of June, a total of eight teams from eight different countries had treated Danang city to world-class displays of fireworks that left judges with a difficult decision to determine who should make the final.

On each night, the spectacular pyrotechnics were supplemented by wonderful musical performances and dazzling light shows on the DIFF 2019 stage by the Han River.

Under the theme of “Stories by the rivers”, DIFF 2019 has created a truly jubilant festival atmosphere throughout the city, drawing tourists from throughout Vietnam and international tourists from all over the world. The festival has not only made Danang one of Vietnam’s top tourism destinations for summer but helped cement its reputation as the host of one of the world’s leading international fireworks festivals.


Making their debut in Danang, the team JoHo Pyro Professional Fireworks AB from Finland surprised many with a thundering fireworks display on the third competition night when they outshone the team Parente Fireworks Group from Italy, who was the champion of Danang International Fireworks Competition (DIFC) in 2011 and 2012.

The Finns’ performance with the name ““ Lemminkänen, “Hero of the River”

The Finns’ performance, which incorporated water-based pyrotechnics, won over the judges as well as tens of thousands of audiences, many of whom were left stunned by the sheer power and beauty of the display.

Although they were only established five years ago, the team from Finland has already won numerous domestic and international awards at International fireworks competitions in Croatia, France, Poland, and Germany. They will surely be formidable opponents for the United Kingdom team in the final.

However, also incorporating special water-based pyrotechnics, the team Pyrotex Fireworx Ltd from the United Kingdom certainly don’t lack power or finesse — they set off 700 firecrackers to create a magical light show on the surface of the Han River that was synced flawlessly with gorgeous melodies.

The United Kingdom’s performance

They managed to tell a story about the rivers of the world in a technically impressive and also dramatic display. Attending DIFF for the second time, the United Kingdom team certainly left spectators wide-eyed with wonder and many people correctly predicted that they would make the final.

Now it’s onto the final and audiences can expect two more outstanding displays as the teams from Finland and the United Kingdom look to ‘raise the roof’ over the Han River one more time. The theme for the final “Setting Sail” but who will ‘sail off into the sunset’ as champions? Only time will tell!



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